Gulf Wars 2009 Poetry

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Their Royal Majesties Sven II and Kolfinna II, and Their Royal Highnesses Edward II and Mora II made Their entrance to Friday's Grand Court at Gulf Wars 2009 accompanied by poetry by Baron Giles Hill.

Royal Caid comes in glory,
Ancient realm extolled in story—
Born of Western forbears hoary…
With silver crescents crowned.

Far away are Caid’s boundaries—
Washed by water, cooled by sea-breeze;
Encompassing verdant knight’s fees,
Our own beloved ground.

Noble Sven as king she nameth
In argent majesty he reigneth
Undoubted king by all proclaimeth--
his prowess wide-renowned.

Kolfinna likewise comes in splendor
Fierce in battle, her folk’s defender
To her obeisance do we render--
A knight of high renown.

Caid’s princely pair approach you;
Caid brings its best before you:
Edward and Mora—honor to you
Heirs to Caid’s crowns!

Sit they now in council royal
Surrounded by their courtiers loyal
Their majesty beholds no rival:
Sven and Kolfinna, crowned.