Great Western War 1997

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Court Pavilion Needed
Location: Dreiburgen
Prado Regional Park in Chino
Date: 02/11-17/1997

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Cousins in War / Comrades in Celebration

The populace of the Known Worlde is invited to the first annual Great Western War, an Inter-kingdom gathering to celebrate the arts of war and of peace! On the third weekend of Febuary, A.S. XXXI (1997 AD.) Prado Regional Park in Chino, California, will host the fighters, artisans, archers, and merchants of the Society at the first encounter of the Great Western War. Come and camp beside the waters of the lake, stroll the grassy meadows, enjoy the temperate climate and balmy winds of central Caid. Fight with people from all over the Society all day, revel with them all night.


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