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==Current Officers and Their Deputies==
==Current Officers and Their Deputies==
*''Seneschal'': [[Mora de Buchanan]]
*''Seneschal'': [[Jack of Hawk's Bluff]]
**''Deputy Seneschals'': Lady Kale
**''Deputy Seneschals'': Lady Kale

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Canton of Gallavally
Per chevron gules and argent, two martlets respectant and a tower, all within a laurel wreath counterchanged
Founded: incipient in 2/1987; became a Canton on 5/21/1989
Modern Location: area around Hemet and Banning, California


Meaning: "Foreigner Valley" in Irish; many “snowbirds” visit in winter.

Newsletter: Gallavally Traveler (original)

Patron Saint: Saint Corrigan the Lost

Song: Is This The Way to Gallavally?

Current Officers and Their Deputies

  • Herald: Agnes von Ravensburg
  • Arts & Sciences Officer: Franklin von Ravensburg

Annual Events

More Information

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