For my love now do I sing

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Sir Patrick O’Malley
fallen in Fall Crown Tourney A.S. XLIII

For my love now do I sing
Though he cannot hear me now
My sweet knight I’d make a king
If power such I’d have somehow
With all of heaven’s host on wing
Or by the power of my vow
To break death’s untimely sting
Or have my tears to cool his brow
E’re fall turn snow into the spring
With all the pleading I could bring
Silent prayers, all I can allow

My lion strong with shining steel
And silken banners flying high
Went out with courage and with zeal
My honor he would glorify
When battle fierce would soon reveal
An eagle striking from on high
Such wounds I feared might never heal
But this blood he would defy
And to my hand once more he’d kneel
The pain from me he did conceal
And to the fight he still did fly

After my goblet dark with wine
My knight kissed me with great cheer
To the battle he would outshine
Any challege that should appear
None knew the strength of such a sign
Three lightning bolts came like a spear
Not were I sheltered in a shrine
Could I escape my greatest fear
Though I plead with the divine
My knight was gone by rude design
My love, my treasured sweetest dear

For my love now do I sing
Though he cannot hear me now
So witness all my sacred vow
To battle now my sword do I bring

— Dame Eilidh Swann
... finds it likely the woman behind the sword has more strength than you first believe


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