Festival of Feast & Song 2015

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Location: Starkhafn
Date: 01/31/2015

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Calling all bards, minstrels, minnesingers, troubadors, gleemen, jongleurs, seanachies, filis, skops, skalds and brewers! The Barony of Starkhafn bids you welcome, and invites you to share your talents in a one-night celebration of the bardic arts in Caid. Help us drive the cold winter away and celebrate the first stirrings of spring, with a day of revelry, feasting, tall tales, and timeless tunes. We will be having a brewing competition and a best table setting competition with fantastic prizes for the winners in each category.

14th Century Feast Menu

  • First Remove: Parsnip salad, bread and butters
  • Second Remove: Zucchini fritatta and leeks in almond sauce
  • Third Remove: Meatballs and chicken thighs
  • Fourth Remove: Upside down bread pudding
  • Fifth Remove: Elderflower sorbet

If you have any food allergies or dietary concerns, please contact the Feast Steward.

Site: Springs Preserve, Las Vegas NV 89107

Site Fees: The site fee is $10 for members 10 yrs. and up; $5 for youths aged 6-10 yrs; and little ones aged 5 yrs and younger are guests of the Barony. The $5 non-member surcharge has been donated by a patron and a family cap of $25.


  • Please feel free to add memories to this section.



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