Feast of Misrule 2015

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Location: Western Seas
Date: 01/24/2015

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Please join the Canton of Peridot Isle for merrymaking as we celebrate our annual Feast of Misrule. A cake will be baked, containing a surprise. The person who receives that piece will be named the Lord or Lady of the Feast of Misrule.

We plan a casual afternoon of fellowship. Bring your projects or ideas to work on. A Potluck Period style feast will be held. Folks are encouraged to bring period type side dishes for the feast. After dinner, a Viking Gift Exchange will be held. Those who wish to participate, please bring an inexpensive period type gift, handmade if possible. The gifts will be traded across the feast hall until each gift has been traded three times, when it will stop trading.

Tentative Schedule, to be adjusted as needed:

  • 2:00 PM Arrival time
  • 5:00 PM Prepare for feast
  • 5:30-8:30 PM Feast and Viking Gift Exchange
  • 8:30 PM Cleanup

All will be asked to sign a waiver on check in. Help in set up and clean up will be greatly appreciated. Feast gear will be provided. Please RSPV to the Event Steward so we know how many to expect.

Site: Amore Kai, Kilauea, HI - No Site Fee


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