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{{Event|photo=[[Image:Photo needed.jpg|300px]]|photocaption=|location =[[Dreiburgen]]<br>Hunt Park in Riverside|date=11/23/1980}}
{{Event|photo=[[Image:Map to Coronation Tourney - Fall AS XV.jpg|300px]]|photocaption=|location =[[Dreiburgen]]<br>Hunt Park in Riverside|date=11/23/1980}}

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Map to Coronation Tourney - Fall AS XV.jpg
Location: Dreiburgen
Hunt Park in Riverside
Date: 11/23/1980

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Event Staff

Autocrat: Lord Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood Lists: Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion


Queen's Champion Tournament was held on November 23, at Hunt Park in Riverside

From the Crown Prints

Queen’s Champion Tournament will be held on Sunday, at Hunt Park, in Riverside. Grand March is scheduled for 11:00, with lists starting at 1:00. Water is available for part of the day, but you are advised to bring drinkables for later in the day.

There will be a cooking competition for the Order of the Silver Spoon at the Queen’s Champion Tournament. Enter any dish in which nuts is the main ingredient. Any ingredient that the judges might question as in period should be documented. The presentation and appearance of the dish counts heavily in the judging.


Winner: Gregory of York


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