Edith of Arbroath

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Edith of Arbroath (FINALLY got back to Scotland!)
Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Azure, a crescent inverted and overall an arrow fracted in chevron inverted Or

THL Edith of Arbroath (formerly Edith of York, formerly Ædythe of Warwick) has been in the SCA since Angels_Melee_Tourney_1990 on 01/27/1990. She is a Norm-Taganent -- that's in between the Stephen/Maud conflict and before Hank/Ellie & the Boys came to power.

In her fighting days she was a member of the Brotherhood of the Blade, and in her spare time designed, calligraphed, and illuminated scrolls (between 9 & 12 scrolls each coronation), and costuming.

Sewing Projects



Image Preview Description
CindyMemorial2.jpg Memorial Drawing for Cynthia Lloyd of Hightower
Honour's Jewelry Cask.jpg Jewelry box decorated for Honour Grenehart


Image Preview Award Recipient
Edithofyork12.jpg Argent Arrow Antonio el Oso
Edithofyork9.jpg Award of Arms Adriana von Vogelsang (formerly Adriana d'Orsay des Hippocampes)
Edithofyork1.jpg Award of Arms Allaine de Beaumont of Glastonbury (formerly Elaine of Glastonbury)
Edithofyork28.jpg Award of Arms Angus MacMichael
Edithofyork23.jpg Award of Arms Ciar Lasse MacGregor
Edithofyork29.jpg Award of Arms Colm Kile of Lochalsh
Edithofyork14.jpg Award of Arms Duncan Andrew Songhawke Tengri-in Jida
Edithofyork34.jpg Award of Arms James Andrew MacAllister
Edithofyork20.jpg Award of Arms Lupus of Arundel
Edithofyork7.jpg Award of Arms Madeleine FitzRobert de la Foret
Edithofyork5.jpg Award of Arms Margaret Brownwell
Edithofyork8.jpg Award of Arms Philip the Apparently Harmless
Edithofyork18.jpg Award of Arms Riordan Robert MacGregor
Edithofyork6.jpg Award of Arms Thomas Brownwell
Edithofyork24.jpg Award of Arms Tristana de Winter (formerly Tristana Raefenloch)
Edithofyork25.jpg Detail of Award of Arms Tristana de Winter (formerly Tristana Raefenloch)
Edithofyork17.jpg Award of Arms Wulfric Thjostolfsson
Edithofyork32.jpg Award of Arms Xantha Ekaterina Glinskaya
Edithofyork21.jpg County Ristil ingen Cathail
Edithofyork16.jpg Court Barony Amadea da Strada Dragonessa
Edithofyork15.jpg Court Barony Michael Maggotslayer
Coronation Summer 2017 20.jpg Court Barony Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling and Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios
Coronation Summer 2017 20a.jpg Detail of Court Barony Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling and Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios
Edithofyork30.jpg Crescent of Caid Ciar Lasse MacGregor
Edithofyork31.jpg Crescent of Caid Riordan Robert MacGregor
Edithofyork10.jpg Dolphin Antonio el Oso
Edithofyork2.jpg Dolphin Catrin ferch Dafydd(formerly Catrin Rhiannon d'Arc)
Edithofyork13.jpg Dolphin Duncan Andrew Songhawke Tengri-in Jida
Edithofyork22.jpg Dolphin Elspeth ni Conchobhair o Ciarraighe
Edithofyork11.jpg Harp Argent Antonio el Oso
Edithofyork33.jpg Harp Argent Duncan Andrew Songhawke Tengri-in Jida
Edithofyork4.jpg Harp Argent Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux
Edithofyork27.jpg Harp Argent Tòmas Youngerson
CoronationSpring03 6.JPG Pelican Ælfwyn Wodende
Edithofyork26.jpg Pelican
Scroll was presented at her Elevation.
The Supporters are her husband and daughter.
Doria Tecla

Scroll Sets

Image Preview Description
BrownwellScrolls.jpg Scroll set for Margaret Brownwell and Thomas Brownwell
OsoScrolls.jpg Scroll set for Antonio el Oso
DuncanScrolls.jpg Scroll set for Duncan Andrew Songhawke Tengri-in Jida