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*[http://www.dreiburgen.org/defenders.html/ Order of the Defenders of the Three Towers of Dreiburgen](Marshal Arts)
*[http://www.dreiburgen.org/defenders.html/ Order of the Defenders of the Three Towers of Dreiburgen](Marshal Arts)
*Golden Ram (closed when the canton of [[Gorgonoth]] became the barony of Dreiburgen )
*Golden Ram (closed when the canton of [[Gorgonoth]] became the barony of Dreiburgen )
'''''Patron Saint''''' [[Saint Geronimus]]
'''''Newsletter:'''''  Dreiburgen News.
'''''Newsletter:'''''  Dreiburgen News.

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Barony of Dreiburgen
Dreiburgen shield.gif
Argent, three piles azure issuant from base, in each a tower argent with the portcullis open; in chief a laurel wreath counterchanged


Populace Badge: AR, on a pile inverted throughout AZ a tower AR, within a bordure embattled AZ (8209 Caid)

Founded: 28 October 1972 as a canton of Angels; Became Barony on 8 Jan 1974
Modern Location: Riverside and San Bernardino counties, California minus the shires of al-Sahid and Heatherwyne

Dreiburgen is ruled by Their Excellencies Ívarr and Elyn.


Meaning: From the Germen words Drei meaning Three and Burgen meaning castles. The name is reference to both the three primary cities (Riverside, San Bernardino, Redlands) and the surrounding mounting peeks(San Gorgonio, San Bernardino and San Jacinto ).

Dreiburgen’s arms reflect the same meanings. The three towers represent the primary cities and the blue piles represent the three mountain peeks.

Established: 10/28/1972 was the first event of Gorgonoth, a canton of the Barony of the Angels. First Baronial Anniversary Tournament 10/26 – 28/1974

Area: entire Riverside and San Bernardino counties when established,

Recognition: Dreiburgen received The Royal Recognition of Excellence on 10/23/2004

Heraldic officer's title: Blue Mountain The herald's title is based on the blue piles of the arms, which represent the mountains around the eastern edge of the Los Angeles basin, and the territory of Dreiburgen.

More of Dreiburgen’s heraldry can be seen on their Branch Armory Page


Patron Saint Saint Geronimus

Newsletter: Dreiburgen News.

Territories of Dreiburgen

Former Territories of Dreiburgen


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