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| 2019-02-02
| 2019-02-02
|[[Liam MacIan of the Bloody Foreland]] (Period Cooking), [[Rudolph Fekter]] (Woodworking)
|[[Liam MacIan of the Bloody Foreland]] (Period Cooking), [[Rudolph Fekter]] (Woodworking)
| 2019-11-09
|[[Æsa Þorfinnsdóttir of Caid]] (Scribal Arts), [[Amicia Sennet de Bruges]] (Apothecary Arts), [[Bríg inghean Uatéir]] (Scribal Arts), [[Étaín inghean mhic Carthaigh]] (Scribal Arts), [[Godfrey Spelman of Hexham]] (Scribal Arts), [[Zahrah al-Dimashqiyyah]] (Painting)

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Naevehjem's Baronial Award given for excellence in the field of arts and sciences.


Date Name(s)
1992-11-14 Brom Bryan O'Bearan Shaughan Hennessy Cassidy (Bardic)
1993-08-14 Megwyn O'Bardain of Caledon Wood (Poetry)
1994-08-06 Katherine of Anglesey (Calligraphy)
1994-11-12 William Tinker (Woodworking)
1995-03-18 Medhbh Eithne O'Maille (Illumination)
1995-08-12 Francesco Schiavone Dance)
1995-10-08 Kaíres Tévesu (Brewing), Thomas Blackkeep (Fletching)
1995-11-11 Morwenna Gwir (Instrumental Music), Theoddegn Bloodaxe (Instrumental Music), Wynne Snowmane of Ravens Keep (Song)
1996-03-09 Valentina la Valente (Poetry)
1996-11-09 `Afra' bint Tamir al-Sahrahwayyiah (Illumination), Marcus Naturalis (Painting)
1997-03-08 Anne of Crowhurst (Costuming), Dmitrii Andreevich Cheglakov (Illumination), James of the Lake (Heraldry),
1997-04-19 Valentina la Valente (Illumination)
1997-08-09 Talia Woods (Illumination)
1997-10-25 Ishmael of the Wells (Fletching), John Garr(Fletching), Marina Zanne (Costuming)
1997-11-08 Katherine of Anglesey (Illumination), Katherine of Anglesey (Costuming)
1998-03-14 Katherine of Anglesey (Bronze Casting)
1998-11-14 Morwenna Gwir (Bronze Casting)
1999-10-30 Caoilfhionn inghean Amhlaoibh (Cooking)
2000-08-12 Igor' L'vov (Period Recorder Music), Valerianus Magnus (Period Recorder Music)
2001-11-03 Angus Dugald MacLeod (Leatherworking), Hob Calvin (Wood Inlay)
2002-03-02 Timothy of Naevehjem (Armouring)
2004-08-28 Áine inghean Uilliam (Beadwork)
2005-11-18 Gregory of Saint Albans (Camp Cooking), Kerry of Naevehjem (Woodworking)
2007-11-17 Catherine Adrienne de Steele (Cooking), Magnús Gráhetta Bjarnarson (Cooking), Vittoria di Napoli (Cooking)
2010-11-20 Áine inghean Uilliam
2015-11-14 Étaín inghean mhic Carthaigh (Horse Barding), Jehanna of Glencairn (Horse Barding), Nicola de Lyne (Illumination), Zahra al-Dimashqiyyah (Horse Barding)
2016-11-12 Emme inghean mhic Carthaigh (Wool Quilts), Jehanna of Glencairn (Artistic Endeavors), Zahra al-Dimashqiyyah (Artistic Endeavors)
2017-11-11 Mu`in al-Dimashqi
2018-11-10 Loisia Matteo (Fabric Arts), Marwyn Breese (Artistic Endeavors), Widow Alice of Naevehjem (Artistic Endeavors), Emme inghean mhic Carthaigh (Fabric Arts), Jehanna of Glencairn (Table Creation and Painting), Zahra al-Dimashqiyyah (Artistic Endeavors)
2019-02-02 Liam MacIan of the Bloody Foreland (Period Cooking), Rudolph Fekter (Woodworking)
2019-11-09 Æsa Þorfinnsdóttir of Caid (Scribal Arts), Amicia Sennet de Bruges (Apothecary Arts), Bríg inghean Uatéir (Scribal Arts), Étaín inghean mhic Carthaigh (Scribal Arts), Godfrey Spelman of Hexham (Scribal Arts), Zahrah al-Dimashqiyyah (Painting)