D'vorah bint Dā'ūd

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Resides: Gyldenholt
Status: Active
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Purpure, in chief three bees Or marked purpure and on a point pointed Or a bee purpure marked Or.

D'vorah bint Dā'ūd


D'vorah bint Da'ud is a Jew of Arab descent living in Andalucía, the south of what will become Spain. Her great-grandmother used to talk of her grandmother's memories of a time of relative peace under the then-Muslim rulers of the area, but the family's more recent generations have become accustomed to the more forceful rulers and population of Christian conquerers in this, the middle and later 14th century. D'vorah is a cheese maker, soap maker, scribe, mother of a large tribe of children and grandchildren, and devout Jew.

D'vorah's husband, Hakim ibn Suleiman, is also an Arab Jew from Spain. They winter in Sevilla, keeping a respectably sized apartment in the Judería so that Hakim can do his work in the court. He advises the upper nobility in issues of state, and subtly attempts to advocate for the interests of his people, while D'vorah engages in the feminine pursuits and occasionally as a scribe, in the company of other women, with whom she learns much -- not all of it related to their hand-work. Meanwhile, their estate to the south is tended by trusted employees and two of their sons. In summertime they move back to the country home, where they put aside their city clothing and fine manners and work alongside their employees to keep the dairy farm productive, the vineyard and orchards healthy, and the children educated. About every other year, they spend the holidays from Rosh Hashanah to Pesach in one location, then in the other location the following year.


Offices & Positions

  • Guildmaster, Barony of Gyldenholt Scribal Guild - January 2014 to present
  • Archery, Caid Archery Rank: Bowman for Royal Round, Recurve, 2015

Projects & Publications


Yule menu.jpg

Yule Menu for Gyldenholt/Lyondemere Yule 2012

Illumination by Astrid skalphæna

Calligraphy by D'vorah bint Dā'ūd


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Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation Spring 2014 24 (2).jpg Award of Arms Etain ingen Ghilla Phatraic
Coronation summer 2016 37.jpg Crescent of Caid Peter Cadarn
June Coronation 2013 198.JPG Dolphin Mary Taran of Glastonbury


  • Archery – SSAC: 14A Horseman, 2014 - Winter: Open Handbow
  • Archery – SSAC: 14B YinYang, 2014 – Spring: Open Handbow
  • Archery – SSAC: 15A Lucky Target, 2015: Open Handbow
  • Archery – GAT: Handbow – December 2015

More Information

  • Consensual Reality Artistic Showcase: http://consensualreality.net/showcase/
  • http://www.facebook.com/dvorah.bintdaud
  • Beginning in January 2013, D'vorah hosts Baronial Scriptorium on the 1st Monday of each month in her home, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. No scriptoria will take place on Jewish holidays. Contact her on Facebook for address and to ascertain that scriptorium is "on" for the month.