Calafia/Gyldenholt Friendship 2009 Poetry

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Court Heraldry at Calafia/Gyldenholt Friendship 2009 by Court Herald Giles Hill

Opening Court

Now opens the Court of Sven and Kolfinna,
And Edward and Mora Their heirs,
And they graciously welcome you into this fane,
And bid you sit down in your chairs.
We also here gather to honor the friendship
Of Gyldenholt and Calafia-ah,
And Ursul and Kate and Colette are just great,
And so is that handsome Olive-ah.
You’ve waited all night for the daybreak so bright,
The morning is finally here;
The sun’s in the sky and the site is quite dry,
So that means no booze and no beer.
The lists are laid out and the marshals look stout,
And some Champion this day will win;
Draw nigh and be seated, and be you all greeted,
And now for some comments from Sven!

End of Opening Court

Opening Court its course has run
And I am glad to say
The landed nobles grant you leave
For the business of the day!