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|Bow Master
|Bow Master
|Bow Master
|Bow Master

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Data researched and compiled by Baron Paganus Grimlove

Archer Open Division Longbow Division Crossbow Division Period Division Local Area Years made
Paganus Grimlove Royal Bow Master Royal Bow Master Royal Bow Master Royal Bow Master Dreiburgen 1989/1989/1992/2008
Roger Wells the Dragon's Bane Bow Master Bow Master Bow Master Dreiburgen 1990/1990/1990
Roc of Wintermist Bow Master Bow Master Wintermist
Robert Lanternsmith Bow Master Altavia
Thomas Blackkeep Bow Master Naevehjem
Kurt von Arriksleva Forester Bow Master Dreiburgen 1990/ /1992
Fearghus MacCulloch Bow Master Bow Master Bow Master Gyldenholt
Colyn Mac Labhruinn Forester Dun Or
Ihon MacLucas Forester Forester Yeoman Carreg Wen
James Everglad Forester Altavia
Cristofanus Castellani Bow Master Altavia
Achilleous of Altavia Royal Bow Master Altavia
Jon Thomme de Claydon Bow Master Starkhafn
Hugh ap Rhys Bow Master Lyondemere
Winfred Archer Bow Master Bow Master Lyondemere
William of the Forest Forester Dreiburgen
Freidrich vom Steinwalde Bow Master Gyldenholt
Miguel de Granada Bow Master Lyondemere
Kazetani Tarou Noritatsu Yeoman Starkhafn
Nikolaos Phaistios Bow Master Bowman Yeoman Altavia
Brig inghean Uateir Forester Naevehjem
Simon Greyarrow Forester Nordwache
Toline Rosalinde of Arundel Bow Master Calafia
Peter Bentarrow Royal Bow Master Forester Bow Master Nordwache
Leonard of Orange Bow Master Gyldenholt
Halldór Skaptason Bow Master Calafia
Kelan McBride of Arainn Bow Master Dreiburgen
Caitríona Ghabhalfhada Bow Master Starkhafn
John of Sudwelle Bow Master Calafia
Njall Olaf Hagarson Bow Master Bow Master Gyldenholt
Liadan of Seahaven Forester Calafia
William Ulfsson Yeoman Altavia
Quintin Phelan Bow Master Bow Master Calafia
Robin Greenwood Forester Lyondemere
Gemma Evangelista Borgia Bow Master Calafia, Now Middle
Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk Bow Master Gyldenholt
Robert ap Rhydderch Yeoman Calafia
Antoinette Rosaura de La Villaverde Bow Master Angels
Roberto Orsini Yeoman Naevehjem
Bruce the Archer Yeoman Al Sahid
Diana Delamontaigne Bow Master Lyondemere
Kara the Twin of Kelton Yeoman Calafia
Katherine of Anglesey Yeoman Naevehjem
Emma Cardiganshire Forester Lyondemere
Dafydd ap Tomas Forester Gyldenholt
Bubba of Wolfhou Lyondemere
Rino Tulema Kuresaare Bow Master Lyondemere, now Outlands
Ramvoldus Kröll Yeoman Dreiburgen
Hallr brjost Starsson Yeoman Dreiburgen
Paul Stoddard Forester Starkhafn
Zosime Pompeiana Forester Forester Angels, now Middle
Rayne Archer of Annan Yeoman Angels, now Middle
Kazetani Kiyotora Yeoman Bowman Starkhafn
Robartach Mac Lochlainn Starkhafn
Peter Cardarn Forester Angels 2014
Ron (Vargas) of Angels Bow Master Angels 2012