Caidan Archery/Crossbow Open Tournament 2010

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Location: Lyondemere
Date: 09/18/2010


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From the Crown Prints

Archers and onlookers, come out to El Dorado Park in the sea-shore Barony of Lyondemere for a day of shooting for the honor of holding the Kingdom Archery Championship. Spectators, there is ample shade under the trees, so all you need bring is what is necessary for your comfort: a seat, some food and drink, and perhaps a glass through which to look at the targets from a distance. Archers, ready your bows, straighten your arrows, and be prepared for a challenge!

The Caidan Open Archery Tournament is a double-elimination Royal Round tournament. There will be no authorizations done at this event, and any entrants to the tournament must provide proof of authorization in target archery and proof of membership to the lists officer in order to vie for the Championship. A non-member can be winner of the day, but only a current member may hold the title, regalia, and office of Kingdom Champion. Youth archers who can compete at adult distances (20, 30, and 40 yards) are welcome with parent or guardian present, membership, and authorization. All youth activity rules apply.

The day will be very busy, so all times given will be in 'real time'. Please plan accordingly. Schedule: 8:00 am - site opens 8:30 am - lists open, range open for warmup 9:30 am - Opening Court 10:00 am - lists close, competition begins 4:00 pm - Closing Court (or directly after end of competition, if it runs long) 5:00 pm - site closes - everyone must be out on time

Due to the nature of the tournament, there will not be a formal break for lunch (which would let archers get 'cold'), so archers should bring snacks and drinks to keep themselves hydrated and energized through the day. Sunscreen and/or high-coverage garb is strongly recommended. It is also recommended that archers bring extra arrows if at all possible.

To encourage competition throughout the ranks, a prize will be given to the top archer in each rank. Unranked archers who compete in the third round and beyond will be ranked according to the scores achieved during the event. Any unranked who do not complete three rounds will not be eligible for the ranking prizes.

THL Paganus Grimlove, last year's Open Division Champion, will not be vying for the Open Championship this year. He will be running the list and acting as Marshal in Charge.

$3 (nonmembers $8); Parking is $7 per vehicle, so carpooling is strongly recommended.

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of Lyondemere.

El Dorado Park 2800 North Studebaker Road Long Beach, CA, 90815


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