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{{Event|photo=[[Image:Benedicts castle2 cropped.jpg|300px]]|photocaption=|location=[[Dreiburgen]]<br />Benedict Castle<br />Riverside, CA|date=11/22/1980}}
{{Event|photo=[[Image:Coronation Armand and Diana AS XV.jpg|300px]]|photocaption=|location=[[Dreiburgen]]<br />Benedict Castle<br />Riverside, CA|date=11/22/1980}}
==Schedule of the Day==
==Schedule of the Day==
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<gallery widths= 200px heights=200px perrow=3>
<gallery widths= 200px heights=200px perrow=3>
Image:Caid Coronation vi cover.jpg|Coronation Program Cover
Image:Caid Coronation vi cover.jpg|Coronation Program Cover
Image:Benedicts castle2 cropped.jpg

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Coronation Armand and Diana AS XV.jpg
Location: Dreiburgen
Benedict Castle
Riverside, CA
Date: 11/22/1980

Schedule of the Day

The coronation of Armand and Diana will be held on November 22nd, AS XV. The coronation dress and ceremony will be Angevin. This is the time of Henry II and Richard I, 1180-90. The colors will be green and gold. Everyone is encouraged to come in a great array of period and style.

(From Dolphin and White Hart Productions, A.S. XV)



Greetings to all Caid and to our honoured foreign guess:

Welcome to the Barony of Dreiburgen to the Coronation of Their Majesties, Armand and Diana, as King and Queen of Caid.

We bid you make merry, but please heed the laws of this Castle. Alcohol and tobacco are not allowed within the gates. Please do not wander into closed areas. Guided tours shall be announced and conducted throughout the day, and restaurant maps of the area will be available for the dinner break.

We thank you for coming and bid you enjoy the celebration. Lady Schirleah the Chaste and Angelina Nicollette.

  • 10 am Hall opens
  • Sext (noon) Final Court of their Majesties, Martin and Neptha
  • 1 pm Coronation of the Highnesses, Armand and Diana
  • 2 pm Interlude for leisure activities
  • 2:30 pm Presentation Court
  • 4 pm Supper Break
  • Vespers (6) Revel
  • 11pm Cleanup
  • Matins (12) Hall Closes

People are reminded that the hall will be closed during the supper break, and that NO alcohol nor tobacco will be allowed on the grounds. Donation for the dessert revel is $2.50 or a dessert or beverage payable at the door.

From their Royal Majesties, Martin and Neptha

Their Royal Majesties, Martin and Neptha, Send greetings to all Caid,

As this, Our reign, draws to a close, We are pleased that a new vitality is seen in the Kingdom. As We are about to say farewell as your monarchs, We say a hearty welcome to Starkhafn and Western Seas. This, Our Caid, is a true and fine Kingdom, and it is rightly said that Heaven is spelled C.A.I.D.

Martin Rex, Neptha Regina

Their Incoming Majesties Armand and Diana

The following paragraphs contain a brief description of their Majesties’ personas in order that the people of Caid and the Knowne world might know their King and Queen better.

ARMAND DE SEVIGNY -- KING OF CAID Armand de Sevigny was born in Normandy in the year 1160. Son of a minor Norman baron who held feifs scattered in both England and Normandy, Armand learned his trade of war under the tutelage of his father, Alphonse, and William Marshal. He served in the retinue of Young Henry, son of King Henry II, until sometime after his knighting on the eve of All Saints Day, 1179. After Richard's accession to the throne, Armand was constantly engaged in warfare in his service in the Holy Lands and on the Continent.

With Normandy's fall to the French in 1204, he transferred his allegiance to the French King Phillip for his lands in Normandy and Maine, forfeiting his English estates. In 1214, at the Battle of Bouvines, Armand fought against his former English friends and their German allies.

History takes note of Armand de Sevigny in June, 1219, when he is found once again on Crusade, this time in Egypt. While there he met Francis of Assisi who made a profound impression upon Armand. Returning home, he retired to a small hermitage and a life of simplicity. Armand passed from the world on December 21, 1226. -- MAS

DIANA DE SAVIGNY -- QUEEN OF CAID Diane de Sevigny was born in Poitiers in the year 1159. Her family was loosely related to Duke William X of Aquitane, the father of Eleanor, Queen of England and wife to King Henry II. Diana was educated by private tutors from both Paris and Provence, and she especially excelled in music. At a young age, she visited the Court of Henry and Eleanor, and later became a lady-in-waiting to Eleanor during her "confinement" by Henry. It was during one of her stays at Court that Diana met Sir Armand de Sevigny. They were married in the summer of 1182. -- DdS.



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