Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme

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Resides: Darach
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Azure, on a chief embattled argent a dragon couchant azure winged sable, as an augmentation the dragon maintaining between its forefeet an escutcheon azure charged with four crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward argent. Motto: "I know whereof I speak"

Baron Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, OL, OP, Batonvert Herald Extraordinary.

Offices & Positions

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications


A Pictorial Dictionary of Charges with Akagawa Yoshio

The Compleat Anachronist

Illustrator of:


Image Preview Award Recipient
Brucedraconariusofmistholme1.jpg Award of Arms Adrian Buchanon
Brucedraconariusofmistholme5.jpg Award of Arms Alaric Erskin
Brucedraconariusofmistholme4.jpg Award of Arms Astra Christiana Benedict
Coronation Winter 2013 036.JPG Award of Arms Balthazar van der Brugghe
Coronation Winter 2013 038.JPG Detail of Award of Arms Balthazar van der Brugghe
Jayme O'Darcy aoa.jpg Award of Arms Jayme O'Darcy of Glen Laurie
Brucedraconariusofmistholme8.jpg Award of Arms Karl Tynken
Brucedraconariusofmistholme2.jpg Award of Arms Antonia Leonora Dragonsrun de Beaumont formerly Leonora Dragonsrun
Scriptorum1.JPG Award of Arms Peter of the Golden Isles
Brucedraconariusofmistholme3.jpg Award of Arms Renata Kestryl of Highwynds
Brucedraconariusofmistholme18.jpg County Guy de Coldrake
Brucedraconariusofmistholme7.jpg County Isabel Antonia de Aranjuez
Brucedraconariusofmistholme17.jpg County Troy of Nodham Whyre
Brucedraconariusofmistholme12.jpg Crescent of Caid Ceridwen Dafydd
Brucedraconariusofmistholme16.jpg Dolphin Eilidh Swann Stralachlan
Brucedraconariusofmistholme19.jpg Dolphin Ghislaine d'Auxerre
Scriptorum7.JPG Dolphin Su of the Silver Horn
Brucedraconariusofmistholme20.jpg Duchy Ceinwen ferch Rhys ap Gawain
12th Night Coronation 2018 scroll 8.jpg Duchy Edric Aaron Hartwood
12th Night Coronation 2018 scroll 8a.jpg Detail of Duchy Edric Aaron Hartwood
12th Night Coronation 2018 scroll 8b.jpg Detail of Duchy Edric Aaron Hartwood
BruceDraconariusOfMistholme21.JPG Duchy John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford
Brucedraconariusofmistholme6.jpg Harp Argent Alexandre le Bonhomme
Brucedraconariusofmistholme14.jpg Harp Argent Lavendar of Lorne
Brucedraconariusofmistholme11.jpg Harp Argent Selene Colfox
Brucedraconariusofmistholme9.jpg Laurel Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont
Brucedraconariusofmistholme10.jpg Laurel Astra Christiana Benedict
Brucedraconariusofmistholme13.jpg Laurel Xena Baxter Wynthorpe
Coronation summer 2016 26.jpg Lux Caidis Ascelyn Schirleah
Coronation summer 2016 26a.jpg Detail of Lux Caidis Ascelyn Schirleah
Brucedraconariusofmistholme15.jpg Pelican Adelaide de Beaumont
Coronation Summer 2019 14.jpg Pelican Brianna la Franceise
Coronation Summer 2019 14a.jpg Detail of Pelican Brianna la Franceise
Coronation Summer 2019 14b.jpg Detail of Pelican Brianna la Franceise
Coronation spring 2014 042.jpg Pelican Fia Naheed


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