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Boryoku no Rapier Infamous "Beach episode" live action remake.
Founded: A.S. LII
Status: Active
A Azure Hippocampus On a Sable and Gules background
type tv series (Sports Anime)
director Livith filia Organae
producer Konrad Faust Tyndel
writer Sauvage le’Brigande (seasons 1-4), Silas Aurelious (season 5)
music ...
Outro Music Horseman BlueShow Dance Theme
studio L'Academa delle Sette Spade
genre Adventure fiction, Adventure
network Caid
network_en Adult Swim of (Caid)
first October 5, 2017
last july 12, 2019
episodes 366
Original Manga Steel Brigade

Horseman of Caid

spin off show SchlagerAcademy no Fencingo: DX Legends
Game (In production: Name Pending)

Boryoku no Rapier is a Japanese anime television show|television series based on Livith filia Organae's manga of the Boryoku no Rapier (manga of the same name). The series ran for a total of 366 episodes.

Season One

Our heroes, the scrappy Steel Brigade grow together and challenge the rapier circuit while learning about teamwork and friendship. Their major enemies are the evil Sinners of Judgement who are in general just mean assholes.

Season Two

Our heroes the Steel Brigade face off against the Sacred Order of Defense a collection of terrifyingly good champions who break out with the nightmarish secret arts. But they’re not alone, once villains the Sinners of Judgement step in alongside the Steel Brigade and unleash the force of teamwork, can-do attitudes and witchcraft.

Season Three

Heroic teams as they ascend into the Sacred Order itself and use their increasing skills to deal with the TRUE threat. Zardok Megametal an alien creature hidden in our moon that’s immune to everything but the secret martial arts of the sacred order! Watch our heroes defeat the giant Zardokus as they rampage across famous cities know for their rapier history as Zardok attempts to wipe out any chance of his being defeated. Also this season occasionally sees our champs turn into cute animals when splashed with water.

Season Four

Has time travel, pitting us against samurai and a terrifying ANYTHING GOES MARTIAL ARTS TOURNEY. Including Vikings, luchadors, God, like six different kinds of cat girls and we finally shove Keiti Morris in a mecha and let her go bugfuck.

Season Five

Is just a highschool drama re-imagining of the plot with moe-shit and an annoying animal mascot character thrown in.

Horsemen of Judgment Keep Characters Portrait
Sauvage le’Brigande Sauvage Anime.jpg
Panchali Mahadivyar ( THE MONGOOSE) Panchali anime.jpg
Brig inghean Uateir Brig anime.jpg
Cornelia de Lubo Cornelia anime.jpg
Tessa De Piro Tessa anime.jpg
Jäger Berg Jäger Anime.jpg
Wesley Marquand Wesley anime.jpg
Aloysius de Luchis Aloysius anime.jpg
Moira Havens Moira anime.jpg
Lana Lana anime.jpg
Erma Berga Erma anime.jpg
Cato Cato anime.jpg
Callech of the Mists Callech anime.jpg
Jacopo Basilio Rosso Jacopo anime.jpg
Aine ingen Alusdair Aine anime.jpg
Valentia Arellia Valentia anime.jpg
Godfrey Spelman of Hexham Godfrey anime.jpg
Wolfstanus Wolfstanus anime.jpg
Sir Titus Aurelius Aurelius anime.jpg
Séamus macNéill Uí Chonchobhair Chonchobhair anime.jpg
Silas Aurelious Silas anime.jpg
Felix Selwyn Felix anime.jpg
Medb ingen Cellaich Medb anime.jpg
Thorgrimr Kuggi Thorgrimr anime.jpg
Toni Cole Toni anime.jpg
Tostig Meadher Tostig Anime.jpg
cynwrig Cynwrig anime.jpg
Keiti Morris Keiti anime.jpg
Ketlin Talhoffer Ketlin anime.jpg
Steel Brigade Characters Portrait
Livith filia Organae Livith anime.jpg
Avenel Kellough Avenel anime.jpeg
Konrad Faust Tyndel Tyndel Anime.jpg
Kelly le Frogge Kelly anime.jpeg
Paulo de Vincenzi Josh anime2.jpg
Mella Cappera Photo needed.jpg
Sancho Calavera Torres Sancho anime.jpg
Nualaith Casnot Casnot anime.jpg
Micheletto Bellavia Photo needed.jpg
Mattea Morelli Melinda anime.jpg