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The Territorial Baronage of Caid's Baronies.

The badges displayed on the right side are designated for use by former territorial barons and baronesses of each barony.

Barony of Altavia

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
05/14/1983 Robear du Bois Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim Robear and Kristin
12/30/1989 Michael Maggotslayer Amadea da Strada Dragonessa Michael and Amadea
09/25/1994 Duryn the Red Ælfwyn Wodende Duryn and Ælfwyn
01/08/2005 Laertes McBride Bridget Lucia Mackenzie Laertes and Bridget
05/10/2008 Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha Courtney of the White Meadow Thorin and Courtney
10/25/2008 Laertes McBride
As Vicar
Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
As Vicaress
Laertes II and Bridget II
5/9/2009 Secca of Kent Meliora Deverel Secca and Meliora
5/10/2014 Cristofanus Castellani Cecilia Medici Cristofanus and Cecilia
5/12/2018 Nikolaos Phaistios Briana MacCabe Nikolaos and Briana

Barony of the Angels

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
06/09/1970 Pwyll pen Tyrhon Rhiannon of the Mystic Isle Pwyll and Rhiannon
05/25/1971 Sarkanyi Gero
As Vicar
None Sarkanyi I
01/08/1972 Pwyll pen Tyrhon Rhiannon of the Mystic Isle Pwyll II and Rhiannon II
06/??/1972 Sarkanyi Gero
As Prefect of the Council of Regency
None Sarkanyi II
01/06/1973 Sarkanyi Gero None Sarkanyi III
05/31/1974 Piers Howells de Cambria Ximena Aubel de Cambria Piers and Ximena
06/04/1977 Piers Howells de Cambria as Vicar None Piers
01/31/1978 Fredrick of WoodLyn Lyndia of WoodLyn Fredrick and Lyndia
05/31/1979 Damon of the Lake that Flames Mistral de l'Isle sur Tarn Damon and Mistral
11/21/1982 Taliesin d'Acre Kerridwen de Merioneth Taliesin and Kerridwen
06/??/1985 Taliesin d'Acre None Taliesin
1985 Edward Ian Anderson
As Vicar
Emmaline Marie Chandelle
As Vicaress
Edward and Emmaline
03/01/1987 Morgan of Marionwood Alinor Bellissima Montgomery Morgan and Alinor
12/??/1987 None Alinor Bellissima Montgomery Alinor
06/05/1993 Padraic the Fierce Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti Padraic and Morgana
09/07/1997 Robert John of Cedar Wood Therese of the White Griffin Robert and Therese
09/06/2003 Jason Thomas the Wanderer Morgaine FitzStephen Jason and Morgaine
09/13/2008 John ap Griffin Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani John and Flavia
01/14/2012 Peter Cadarn Gabrielle nicChlurain Peter and Gabrielle
09/12/2015 Uilliam mór MacGregor Fara MacGregor Uilliam and Fara
09/08/2018 Johannes de Manco Sophia de la Roche Johannes and Sophia

Barony of Calafia

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
05/01/1971 Talanque Rowen Lynn of Woodvine Talanque and Rowen
04/30/1986 Talanque Elinore Windemere of the Moors Talanque and Elinore
05/27/1989 Talanque None Talanque
05/29/1993 Guillaume de Belgique Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din Guillaume and Felinah Baronage
09/06/1998 Thorvald Olafson the Swordmaker Eloise of Lancaster Thorvald and Eloise
12/13/2003 David of Caithness Adelicia of Caithness David and Adelicia
11/15/2008 Oliver Dogberry Kate Dogberry Oliver and Kate
11/9/2013 Guy Rand Gallandon Muirenn ingen Donndubáin Guy Rand and Muirrenn
11/3/2018 Gamel of Mottrum Danyel de Licatia Gamyl and Danyel

Barony of Dreiburgen

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/08/1974 Waldt von Markheim Alison von Markheim Waldt and Alison
01/13/1979 Leo de Coronado Rowena de Segovia Leo and Rowena
06/02/1990 Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim Melasandra Sandifer Aldred and Melasandra
10/30/1993 Thurstan de Barri Allaine de Beaumont of Glastonbury Thurstan and Allaine
12/12/1998 Uilliam an Tarbh Baile na hAbhann Luighseach nic Lochlainn Uilliam and Luighseach
10/25/2003 Malcolm Alberic Robynne the Grey Malcolm and Robynne
10/25/2008 Ívarr Sigurðarson Elyn de Hauocmore Ívarr and Elyn
06/27/2009 Crown Lands
01/09/2010 Bryce ap Morgan Fionnghuala de Buchanan Bryce and Fionnghuala
10/26/2013 Ciarán Ó hEaghra Jumana al-Zarqa Ciaran and Jumana
06/08/2014 none Jumana al-Zarqa Jumana
10/29/2016 Logan Black Rune Tyne MacPhersone Logan and Tyne

Barony of Dun Or

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/17/1992 Tuvor Sabledrake Doria Tecla Tuvor and Doria
10/12/1996 Colm Kile of Lochalsh Katherine Bearward of Wolfenden Colm and Katherine
05/15/1999 Iain Glic macRobert Theresia diu Harpfærîn Iain and Theresia
11/12/2005 Colyn mac Labhruinn Muiriath mac Labhruinn Colyn and Muiriath
10/2/2010 Kelan McBride of Arainn Arianwen Megan McBride of Arainn Kelan and Arianwen
04/18/2015 Nikolai Yaroslavich Álfrún Úlfreksdóttir Nikolai and Álfrún
04/21/2018 Bjorn Zenthffeer Róis ni Brian Bjorn and Roísín

Barony of Gyldenholt

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/12/1980 Armand de Sevigny Diana de Savigny Armand and Diana
01/12/1985 Béla Aba Rosemary Willowwood of Ste. Anne Béla and Rosemary
08/19/1989 None Rosemary Willowwood of Ste. Anne Rosemary
01/12/1991 Morgan Arthur ap Llewellyn Gwendolyn of Amberwood Morgan and Gwendolyn
03/22/1997 Dietrich von Vogelsang Adriana von Vogelsang Dietrich and Adriana
11/19/2000 Dietrich von Vogelsang None Dietrich
06/22/2002 Wulfric Thjostolfsson Lasairfhíona ní Chon Chonnacht Wulfric and Lasairfhíona
06/14/2008 Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk Colette de Montpellier Ursul and Colette
06/17/2012 Giles Hill and Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia None Giles and Giuseppe
06/11/2016 Ilia Aleksandrovich Vitasha Ivanova doch' Ilia and Vitasha

Shire of the Isles

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
12/31/1972 None Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch Jessica
1979 Became a Shire

Barony of Lyondemere

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
06/03/1978 Conrad von Regensburg None Conrad
11/20/1980 Conrad von Regensburg Megwyn of Glendwry Conrad and Megwyn
10/15/1988 None Megwyn of Glendwry Megwyn
07/21/1990 Colin Wynthorpe Xena Baxter Wynthorpe Colin and Xena
07/12/1997 Gilbert Rhys MacLachlan Morann Will Owen Gilbert and Morann
07/14/2001 Jamal Damien Marcus Éowyn Amberdrake Jamal and Éowyn
07/22/2006 Thomas Bordeaux Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont Thomas and Angelina
7/18/2009 Jon Thomme de Claydon Eva filia Edeneweyn Jon Thomme and Eva
7/12/2014 Pátraic Ó Ceallaigh Rutilia Fausta Pátraic and Fausta
10/17/2016 none Rutilia Fausta Fausta
07/08/2017 Conchobhar Mac Cionaoith Seraphina de Arlotto Conchobhar and Seraphina
06/20/2020 Guillem Cosinier Arwen McBaird Guillem and Arwen

Barony of Naevehjem

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
11/16/1991 Wulfhere Slående Falk Scannlach Faolscátha Wulfhere and Scannlach
11/18/1996 None Scannlach Faolscátha Scannlach
11/08/1997 Thomas Blackkeep Marina Zanne Thomas and Marina
11/14/2009 Rudolph Fekter Amicia Sennet de Bruges Rudolph and Amicia
11/10/2018 Llewellyn Flinthaven Eularia d'Amboise Llewellyn and Eularia

Barony of Nordwache

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/31/1982 Kenneth the Unknown Eleanor of Almedan Kenneth and Eleanor
01/01/1987 Cuillean Lodbrog Houndstooth
as Vicar
Blodeuwedd ap Tyddyn
as Vicaress
Lodbrog & Blodeuwedd
02/01/1987 Cuillean Lodbrog Houndstooth
as Vicar
None Lodbrog
06/01/1987 Joseph of Silver Oak
as Vicar
None Joseph
11/21/1987 Joseph of Silver Oak None Joseph
11/21/1992 Joseph of Silver Oak Caroline Marie de Fontenailles Joseph and Caroline
11/01/1997 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Portia de Audley Mahmud and Portia
11/16/2002 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Alexandra Wylson of Inverness Wood Mahmud and Alexandra
10/06/2007 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Giuliana Margherita Bonaccolsi Mahmud and Giuliana
06/17/2012 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Muirenn inghean Chon Ruaidh Mahmud and Muirenn
11/01/2015 Joseph of Silver Oak
as Vicar
Teleri of Gwynedd
as Vicaress
Joseph and Teleri
01/09/2016 Ragenald de Holecumb
as Reeve
Clota of Holecumb
as Reeves
Ragenald and Clota
06/18/2016 Ragenald de Holecumb
Clota of Holecumb
Ragenald and Clota

Barony of Southron Gaard

Note: This Barony is no longer a Caidan Territory, and is now a part of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
03/23/1996 Sigurd Hardrada Eleonora van den Bogaerde Sigurd and Eleonora
02/05/2001 Callum Macleod Chrétienne de Haverington Callum and Chrétienne
2003 During the tenure of Baron Callum and Baroness Chrétienne, the Barony became part of the newly-formed Kingdom of Lochac.

Barony of Starkhafn

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/31/1982 Keradwc an Cai Miscel of Lyonesse Keradwc and Miscel
10/20/1984 Richard of Black Iron Miscel of Lyonesse Richard and Miscel
06/01/1985 Richard of Black Iron None Richard
10/05/1985 Richard of Black Iron Marlena of the Sands Richard and Marlena
10/24/1992 Richard of Black Iron None Richard
10/30/1993 Antonius Tesel Créd Mongfind Örnardóttir Antonius and Créd
10/10/1998 Conall mac Séagháin Aoibheall an Sionnach Conall and Aoibheall
10/20/2001 Conrad Breakring Isidora Ell'eva Conrad and Isidora
10/29/2005 None Isidora Ell'eva Isidora
03/03/2007 Sven Gunther Alcan Muirenn ingen meic Martainn Sven and Muirenn
03/26/2011 Michel Phillipe de Sarcey Elspeth of Stillwater Michel Phillipe and Elspeth
01/09/2016 Robartach mac Lochlainn Gyda Magnusdótter Robartach and Gyda

Barony of Western Seas

  • Western Seas is a Palatine Barony and its Baronage is selected differently from the mainland baronies. See the list of Palatine Baronage.

Barony of Wintermist

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/10/2015 Einarr grabarðr Kale al-Raqqasa Einarr and Kale
12/09/2017 Einarr grabarðr Sunnifa Jónsdóttir Einarr and Sunnifa

More Information

  • Crown Lands - From time to time, circumstances will arise in which there is no Baron and/or Baroness in charge of a Barony. During this time of change, the area is considered to be maintained by the Crown until such time as a successor can be found, or the group decides to change its status (i.e., Shire or disbanding).
  • Heraldry for former Baronage - Badges usable by those who have sat a baronial throne in Caid.
  • Being a Territorial Baron - Article by Baron Malcolm