Bard of Caid 2018

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For details on the rules for the competition, see Bard of Caid Rules 2018.


The competitors to become the 14th Bard of Caid were (in alphabetical order):

Two competitors participated in the first round of the competition.

Round 1

The first round, held at Festival of the Rose/Dreiburgen Summer Arts, asked competitors to perform a period piece, and included documentation in the scoring. The round was won by Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter with her performance of a 13th century Cantiga de Santa Maria.

Round 2

Round 2 was held at Calafia Anniversary (November 3, 2018), on the theme "St. George and the Dragon"

Round 3

Round 3 was held at Twelfth Night/Coronation (January 5, 2019).



At Twelfth Night 2019, each of the finalists performed one piece for the final round of Bard of Caid 2018.