Bard of Caid 2015

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For details on the rules for the competition, see Bard of Caid Rules 2015.


The competitors to become the 11th Bard of Caid were (in alphabetical order):

Three competitors participated in single round of the competition, one participated in two rounds, and five competed in all three rounds.

Round 1

The first round, held at Festival of the Rose/Dreiburgen Summer Arts, asked competitors to perform a period piece, and included documentation in the scoring. The round was won by Colette la trouvere with her performance of Guillaume de Machaut's song "Je ne cuit pas."

Round 2

The second round, held at Highland War, asked competitors to perform a "campfire piece" around the fire in the Royal Encampment. This round was spread over two evenings and was won by Caitlin Christiana Wintour with her telling of the story of Sigurd and the Raven Banner.

Round 3

The third round, held at Great Western War, asked competitors to compose an original piece on-site, on theme of "something that occurred at the War" (which was announced during morning cry). The round was won by Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter with a sonnet.


After the first three rounds, the competitor's scores were totaled, and each competitor's lowest score was dropped. (Rounds that the competitor missed counted as a 0.) The three performers with the highest remaining scores were (in alphabetical order):

  • THL Angharat Goch verch Gwenhover
  • THL Beorn of the Northern Sea
  • Lady Colette la trouvere


At Twelfth Night 2016, at the First Court of Conrad and A'isha, each of these finalists performed one piece. After conferring with Their Majesties, Paul fitz Denis, the outgoing Bard of Caid, announced Lady Colette la trouvere as his successor and the 11th Bard of Caid.