Baldwin of Erebor

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Baldwin of Erebor, Aug 1978
Resides: Southern Shores
Status: Inactive
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Baldwin of Erebor Arms.jpg
Azure, on a pile invected ermine a harp Or

Baron Baldwin of Erebor, OL, OP, joined the SCA in the Principality of the Outlands in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. He has served the Society as Aten Principal Herald and as Laurel Sovereign of Arms. He was granted a Laurel in Atenveldt for his singing and songwriting.

Baldwin is the (mundane) son of Mistress Julia of the Forest, OL, and Lord Graham the Alchemist; and the brother of Mistress Keridwen of Montrose, Lord Cuthalin of Montrose, and Lady Mirendil of Alardas.

Bardic Works

Original Songs

  • Oh Pretty Maid
  • Herald's Complaint
  • A Name-Day Carol
  • The Dwarves of Atenveldt
  • The Courtly Cod
  • A Bard of Atenveldt
  • Burden of the Crown
  • to the Current Middle Ages
  • Sir Nicholas and the Dragon
  • The Tavern Song
  • Another War Song
  • When the Spring Comes to the Garden
  • Talking Grand Melee Blues
  • Young Cathan
  • A Foolish Tale
  • The Gage of War
  • Maiden in Your Lofty Tower
  • The Battle of Burro Creek Two
  • The Wilted Rose
  • The Final Spell
  • Another Drinking Song
  • Song of the Atenveldt Muster
  • The Lass with the Golden Hair
  • Flower of the Desert

Filk Songs

  • The Ballad of the Black Guard


  • Con-Chord Concert (3 of 14 tracks).
    DAG Productions, 1983. Re-released on CD in 2003.
    Recorded live at Con-Chord 1.
  • Welcome to the Current Middle Ages (14 tracks).
    Raven Boy Music, 2002.
  • Son of SCA Bards Sampler (3 of 13 tracks).
    Raven Boy Music, 2004. (compilation)


Imperium Compound

Baldwin's verse in "Imperium Compound" is:

Baldwin of Erebor, studying heralds' lore,
Wrote a song to pass the time of day
Dipped his pen in Imperium Compound
Now he blazons in the key of A.