Altavia Acres

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Altavia Acres, Altavia's retirement community


Altavia Acres was the brain child of Baroness Bridget Lucia Mackenzie. The first issuance was a gift from Baroness Bridget Lucia Mackenzie & Baron Laertes McBride to Baron Iain Glic macRobert & Baroness Theresia diu Harpfærîn on the occasion of their stepping down as B&B of Altavia's daughter Barony of Dun Or.

Baroness Courtney of the White Meadow issued further deeds when she and Baron Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha stepped up as Altavia's B&B. The event was Altavia's 25th anniversary, and the former Altavia B&B's were gathering to celebrate the occasion. At that event she presented Altavia Acres deeds to each of the former B&B's.

The Deed


The Text

This certifies that ________________ are entitled to one acre of the finest green land and one Manor Cottage within the retirement community of Altavia Acres

The Fine Print

Terms and Conditions

  • 1) Subject to availabilty
  • 2) "Manor" and "finest" may be subjective in interpertation.
  • 3) Bearer takes responisbibily for all taxes, rampaging crusades, natural disasters, and occasional whims of the Baron and Baroness of Altavia.

Altavia Arces Lots

Lot # Presented to Presented on
1 Robear du Bois & Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim May 10, 2008
2 Michael Maggotslayer & Amadea da Strada Dragonessa May 10, 2008
3 Duryn the Red May 10, 2008
4 Ælfwyn Wodende May 10, 2008
5 Iain Glic macRobert & Theresia diu Harpfærîn Nov 12, 2005
6 Laertes McBride May 10, 2008
7 Bridget Lucia Mackenzie May 10, 2008
8 Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha October 25, 2008
9 Courtney of the White Meadow October 25, 2008
10 Secca of Kent & Meliora Deverel May 10, 2014
11 Cristofanus Castellani & Cecilia Medici May 12, 2018