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==Current Officers and Their Deputies==
==Current Officers and Their Deputies==
*''Seneschal: [[Valla-Lúta Kolladóttir]]
*''Seneschal: [[Gabriel Shadowhauke]]
**''Deputy Seneschal: [[Christian de Guerre]]
**''Deputy Seneschal:  
*''Arts & Sciences Officer: [[Anlaug Dalesdotter]]
*''Arts & Sciences Officer: [[Miriam Shadowhauke]]
**''Deputy Arts & Sciences Officer: [[Arianna di Zanchi]]
**''Deputy Arts & Sciences Officer:  
*''Chatelaine: [[Christian de Guerre]]
*''Chatelaine: [[Jane de Sealynn]]
*''Chirurgeon: [[Teka Turmanov]]
*''Chronicler: [[Magdalyn Giza]]
*''Chronicler: [[Christian de Guerre]]
**''Deputy Chronicler: [[Caitlin Christiana Wintour]]
**''Deputy Chronicler:  
*''Constable: [[Fritz der Gefolgsmann]]
*''Exchequer: [[Trifona Anastasiia Dodovicha]]
*''Exchequer: [[Siomha ingen Stiofan]]
**''Deputy Exchequer: [[Christian de Guerre]]
**''Deputy Exchequer:  
*''Chief Herald and Book Herald: [[Magdalyn Giza]]
*''Chief Herald and Book Herald:  
**''Court and Field Herald: [[Caitlin Christiana Wintour]]
**''Court and Field Herald:  
*''Lists Officer: [[Christmas Caryl]]
*''Lists Officer: [[Amariah of Chufut-Kale]]
*''Presentations Officer: [[Arianna di Zanchi]]
*''Presentations Officer:  
*''Territorial Marshal: [[Killian MacTaggart]]
*''Territorial Marshal: [[Killian MacTaggart]]
**''Deputy Marshal: [[Christian de Guerre]]
**''Deputy Marshal:  
**''Captain of Rapier: VACANT
**''Captain of Rapier:  
**''Archery: VACANT
**''Thrown Weapons: VACANT
**''Thrown Weapons:  
*''Webwright: [[Valdis Isbrandsdottir]]
*''Webwright: [[Valdis Isbrandsdottir]]
**''Social Media: [[Christian de Guerre]]
**''Social Media:  
*''Youth Combat Officer: [[Teka Turmanov]]
*''Youth Combat Officer:  
*''Youth Officer: VACANT
*''Youth Officer:
==Annual Events==
==Annual Events==

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Shire of Al-Sahid
Per chevron rayonny azure and Or, two laurel wreaths argent and a scorpion sable.
Founded: Canton established August 6, 1989. Shire established in 1991
Modern Location: Barstow/Victorville, Wrightwood, Big Bear, California


Per chevron rayonny azure and Or, two laurel wreaths argent and a scorpion sable.


History: Al-Sahid began as part of the Barony of Dreiburgen and became a Canton on April 6, 1989. Late in 1991 Al-Sahid became a Shire. The Branch name of Al-Sahid was registered in August of 1987 and updated from a Canton to a Shire in December of 2005. (The change may have been approved earlier, but wasn't officially recorded until 2005.)

Established: 1991

Area: Victorville, Apple Valley, Lucerne Valley, Barstow, Hesperia a portion of the San Bernardino Mountains which include Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake, and a portion of the San Gabriels that includes Wrightwood and the Tri-Communities.

Blazon: Per chevron rayonny azure and Or, two laurel wreaths argent and a scorpion sable.

Badge: Azure, a scorpion fesswise reversed Or

Awards: The Noble Scorpion, The Black Scorpion, Arts and Science Award

Newsletter: The Scorpion Tales

Champions: See Al-Sahid Champions

Current Officers and Their Deputies

  • Chirurgeon:
  • Constable:
  • Chief Herald and Book Herald:
    • Court and Field Herald:
  • Presentations Officer:
  • Territorial Marshal: Killian MacTaggart
    • Deputy Marshal:
    • Captain of Rapier:
    • Archery:
    • Thrown Weapons:
  • Youth Combat Officer:
  • Youth Officer:

Annual Events

More Information

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