Agrippa III and Dawid

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Agrippa and Dawid Court 6-24-2018 680px.jpg
Agrippa and Dawid
Sovereign: Agrippa Morris
Consort: Dawid Radzowycz
Caid Crown #: 81
Preceded by: Wilhelm II and Tsyra
Succeeded by: Adam and Stæina

At Crown Tournament on 3/11/2018, Agrippa Morris, fighting for Dawid Radzowycz defeated Duke Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia. Agrippa was wreathed as al-Caid and Dawid as Lord Caid. Their Coronation took place on June 23 at Caid's 40th Anniversary and Coronation 2018.


Royal Champions

Royal Progress

Date (2018) Event Location
June 23-24 Coronation Shire of al-Sahid
July 4-8 West/An Tir War Kingdom of An Tir
July 14-15 Royal Champion Barony of Calafia
July 21 Lyondemere Anniversary Barony of Lyondemere
August 4-12 Pennsic Kingdom of Æthelmearc
August 18 Festival of the Rose Barony of Dreiburgen
September 1-3 Highland War Shire of al-Sahid
September 8 Angels Anniversary & Investiture Barony of Angels
September 15-16 Crown & Kingdom Officers Meeting Barony of Altavia
October 2-8 Great Western War Barony of Wintermist
October 27 Western Seas Baronial Tournament Barony of Western Seas
November 3 Calafia Anniversary & Investiture Barony of Calafia
November 10 Isles Anniversary Shire of Isles
November 17 Naevehjem Anniversary Barony of Naevehjem
December 1 Dreiburgen Yule (tentative) Barony of Dreiburgen
December 2 Gyldenholt-Lyondemere Yule (tentative) Barony of Gyldenholt
December 15 Starkhafn Yule Barony of Starkhafn
January 5, 2019 Kingdom 12th Night & Winter Coronation 2019 Barony of Lyondemere


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