Angus of Dun Tyr

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Angus of Dun Tyr
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
AengusBrude Device.jpg
Per pall inverted azure, sable, and argent, a spear throughout per chevron argent and sable

Lord Angus of Dun Tyr fights and camps with Dun Tyr. He is an authorized fighter but is taking a break for health reasons. While "idle" from heavies fighting, Angus has become active and excelled in other areas of the SCA such as Thrown Weapons. He was honored to currently hold the positon of Calafian Baronial Champion for Thrown Weapons; additionally, he currently holds the position of Color Sergeant in Dun Tyr.

He fights for the love and honor of his fiancee, Lady Chalice de Kyrkeland.


Other names/spellings: Aengus Bruide, Angus Brude, Aengus Brude, Aengus mac Brude. His name is official registered as Aengus mac Bruide (July 2010).

Offices & Positions