A Chronicle of Fall Crown Tourney A.S. XLIII

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A Chronicle of Fall Crown Tourney A.S. XLIII

Presented by the members of the Circle of Bards of Caid To Their Royal Majesties:

Sven II and Kolfinna II

As compiled by Baroness Philippa Llewelyn Schuyler and Sir William Schuyler

Scribbles from Philippa

Fall 2008

Fall Crown has brought us happily to the Coronation of Sven and Kolfinna. As is our custom, the bards and poets of Caid have written praise poems for every fighter who contended for that Crown.

With fine words, with humour, but always with courtesy, the Circle of Bards of Caid wield their pens for the amusement of Their Majesties and the entertainment of the populace.

In this collection you will find an amazing assortment of...ballads, tales, sagas and songs, rhymed couplets, sonnet, Drottkvaett, Ljodahattr, Fornyrdislag, Wechsel, Nibelungenied meter, Qasidas, Chanson, cuaderna via, and sestina. These bards have talent!

So, read the well-wrought words contained herein and enjoy them in the spirit in which they are intended. We each do our part to enrich the Dream. And fighters, as you continue to acknowledge your bards, your fame will only grow.

Special thanx have to go to Hlaford Secca of Cantia, Duchess Natalya de Foix, Dame Eilidh Swann and Baron Beorn of the Northern Sea for their stalwart inkslinging.  ;-j And thanx as ever to Stephany of the Sunset Aerie for her proofreading prowess, and Lord Will Schuyler the Younger for his expert technical gerfingerpoken.

Yours in homage to the Muse,



Contenders name, followed by the poet.

Final Round

Count Sven Orfhendur

Kolfinna's Song

Herzog Dietrich von Vogelsang

Eigth Round

Sir Mons von Goarshausen

Sir Wilhelm Skalla Grimm

Sixth Round

Sir Jamal Damien Marcus

Fifth Round

Jarl Drogo FitzWilliam

Lord Shawn de Wynter

Fourth Round

Sir Gareth Nicodemos of Somerset

Sir Halfdan Haraldsson

Jarl Francesc Miguel Joaquim Inacio

Sir Ragnar of Sandcastle

Sir Mansur Ibn Al-Shabi ibn Rafi

Third Round

Baron Korwyn Marius Velis Ariannaid

Sir Rhys Ravenscroft

Second Round

Viscondesa Jimena Montoya

Sir Patrick O'Malley

Rudolph Fekter

THLord Gunnar Jorgensen

Ciar Ingen Daire

Lorccan hua Conchobair

THLord Alexander Baird

Lord Christian von Eiland

Lord Porfinnr Brimill

Other Poems

Chanson de Mora


Copyright of the poems belongs to the original author. The Crown Poem Staff has consented to have the poems reprinted on the CaidWiki, but you need to obtain permission from them before reprinting in any other medium. See Crown Poems for contact information.