Twenty Fifth Year Celebration

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Location: Kingdom of Ansteorra
Date: 3/21/1991 - 3/31/1991

The SCA's Twenty-fifth Year Celebration (AKA TFYC or "Argent Anniversary") was held in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. It was, essentially, a war, spanning over a week in March 1991. Though the weather was problematic, with high winds on most days, and heavy rain and hail on one day, the event was a huge success. Activities included melee fighting and tournaments, a masked ball, arts and sciences classes, archery, etc.


  • Please feel free to add memories to this section.
  • Weather, is what I most remember. The constant wind wreaked havoc with the pavilions, though House Valentine's great pavilion seemed defiantly unaffected. One day, we huddled in the porch of an unknown pavilion during a deluge. The flag on that tent, three golden dragons on blue, was unknown to us at the time. Later, in reverent tones, we were told, "Oh! That's Mistress Éowyn Amberdrake!" The same downpour soaked the contents of several round pavilions in our camp (the Colleges of Fenwood Knoll and San Ambrogio). The owners tied up the walls so they looked like women pulling their skirts up to wade through shallow water. -- Lachlan of Cromarty
  • I remember dancing on asphalt long into the (entirely too sticky) night, and being asked to serve as herald for TRM of Atenveldt (Brion and Adrianna), and the kerfuffle surrounding his titles; Brion wanted to be "Brion, by the grace of God King of Atenveldt" and the Board was willing for him to be 'king by right of arms'. Somehow, I can't remember how it worked out. I also remember sitting with Gaston Bonneville de la Croix in his merchant booth, and listening to him talk with a customer, who was very impressed with his metalwork. "Wow!" gasped the customer, "Do you have a Laurel?" "No," replied Gaston, "I have an Oscar." And he does, actually, for Technical Achievement. -- Giles Hill
  • I loved the equestrian events held here. At the time it wasn't possible to participate in equestrian events in Caid unless you owned your own horse, so going to an event where you could rent horses to ride around this huge event around the pavilions was amazing, even beyond being able to participate in the equestrian games. It made me feel so much more like I was actually in the middle ages. Of course, I also remember having to dismount when a sudden thunderstorm came up, not only to calm the horse but to avoid being a tall target for a lightning bolt! And then there was the time when I was attending a workshop on Italian dance when we had to duck into a barn because of the tornado that was spotted! And meeting Mistress Thea Northernridge who was from Caid for the first time in a laundromat in Burnett, TX! --Robyn Aelfwyn of Anglesey
  • The Ende of the Knowne World Gypsy Camp. On the first night of TFYC, our band of wanna-be revelers learned there was no place in the entire site for late night revelry. Almost everyone gave up after getting kicked out of area after area, and went to bed. But eight of us searched the entire site at around 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning until we discovered a spot on the low side of a slight rise. We learned that even when we banged drums and screamed at the top of our lungs, we didn't disturb the nearest sleeping people.
The next day, a ragtag group of people from various kingdoms wandered in. We cleared a huge circle, dug a fire pit we surrounded with rocks, bought a fire extinguisher, and brought in hay bales we arranged in a large circle around the fire pit. Because the camp was located outside TFYC's 12 kingdom areas and a couple of people who set it up were real-life gypsies, we called it The End of The Known World Gypsy Camp. The first night of the camp and the second of TFYC we had bards, singers, musicians including a guitarist and drummers, and belly dancers.
A number of people came every following night of TFYC, sometimes reveling from dusk to dawn. The camp was added by hand to the official map in TFYC headquarters, and before its second night was also the source of a growing and spreading rumor of a "huge fire" that threatened dozens of cars in the parking lot (completely untrue). People from every one of SCA's then 12 kingdoms joined the revelry, including many royalty. At the end of our first night, someone even brought the camp its own porta potty. -- Eldwin Nightowl


Ivan and Fiona-TFYC.jpg
King Ivan and Queen Fiona hold court at the Caidan-sponsored tournament at TFYC.

King Ivan faces the Crown Prince of the Outlands in the Caidan-sponsored tournament at TFYC. The bells on Ivan's boots are visible and would have been easily audible to the everyone.

Ivan and Fiona process into grand court at TFYC. Their Majesties recreated their coronation entrance. This time, though, Fiona's shield was borne entirely by women fighters of the kingdom. Also visible in this photomontage are Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme (herald at head of procession), John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford (swordbearer), Diana de Savigny (banner bearer) Avery of Kempsford (Queen's Champion, Ivan's front/left shield-bearer), Eichling von Amrum (Fiona's front/right shield-bearer), Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste (at end of procession).

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